1. Hermitage Celebrates 75 Years in Business With Rebranding Effort

    Press Release - Oct 23, 2019 Nashville, TN Original Release Hermitage in Nashville is proud to celebrate 75 years of business with the launch of a rebranding campaign that will emphasize all that they have to offer in plumbing, hardware, kitchen and bath design, and more. With seven-plus decades of serving the Nashville area, this rebrand will help them provide an outstanding level of service and …Read More

  2. marble counters with chrome faucet

    Remodeling Your Bathroom in 2019

    You may have put it off for a few years now, but 2019 is the year when you’re finally going to remodel your bathroom. You’ve lived with outdated bathroom lighting, decor, and hardware for quite some time, and you’re ready for a change. At Hermitage in Nashville, we can help you find everything you need to get the job done. From vanity lights and sconces to plumbing and cabinet hardware, we h…Read More

  3. How About Some Pre-Holiday Remodeling?

    The Holidays are just around the corner. Is your kitchen ready to host the family? Ready for a reset? Many homeowners remodel their home before the Holidays, and it is never too early to start. During the fall months, you still have time to complete many projects. A good contractor like our remodelling professionals at Hermitage Kitchen and Bath Design Gallery, will be honest with you about what…Read More

  4. Five Things To Consider When Choosing Outdoor Fixtures

    Outdoor spaces are no longer afterthoughts in a home's design and decor plan. The outdoors set the stage for the rest of the home, create a welcoming ambience, and provide a space to relax, gather with friends and family, or steal a few quiet moments away in the midst of a hectic day. An outdoor area, whether it is a small porch or a large patio, needs to be styled and decorated to match both the …Read More

  5. Counterclockwise Fan Direction For Cool Summer Savings

    Ceiling fans are the must-have home appliance for summer, but did you know that ceiling fans have a specific setting for summer? Changing the direction of your ceiling fan in the summer and winter not only makes you feel comfy, but it also allows you to adjust the thermostat and give your AC unit a much-needed break (your wallet will also get some much-needed rest, trust us). Here's everything yo…Read More

  6. Using Wall Sconces for Style and Function

    Wall sconces are extremely versatile lights. While they are frequently meant to add flair to a room, they'll also serve very functional purposes. So, they are a great choice to add everywhere in your home. Where to hang wall sconces Where you hang your sconces will depend on the lighting design you want to create along with the area in which you’re working because they can be used for ambient …Read More

  7. Selecting the Right Chandelier

    A longtime lighting staple of dining rooms and foyers, chandeliers are gaining popularity in unexpected places. This classic lighting piece can be found in kitchens, bedrooms, walk-in closets and even bathrooms. Not only are these eye-catching fixtures a great source of ambient light, they can also serve as a focal point around which you can build the design of an entire room. If you're considerin…Read More

  8. Use Light To Create An Outdoor Sanctuary

    With Spring and Summer right around the corner, you don't have to plan an expensive vacation to find relaxation. Your backyard can become your own private oasis with the right lighting. It can be quite easy – and less expensive. Imagine transforming your existing patio, deck, or pool area into the spot you'll cherish for your next "staycation." Outdoor furniture, landscaping, and other amenities…Read More

  9. Connected Home for the Holidays

    Now that smart home products are more affordable and ubiquitous, 2018 is ready to deliver a next-level celebration. Whether you plan on impressing guests at a party or just want to make sure your house is warm before you get home after vacation, let's take a look at how smart home devices can automate the season. The Nest Learning Thermostat learns what temperature you like and builds a schedule a…Read More