Your living room is where you gather with your family to watch TV, help the kids with their homework, or catch up on each other’s days. The space serves many purposes, and it’s important to have the right lighting for each one of those purposes. At Hermitage in Nashville, we have an outstanding selection of fixtures for your living or family room, and would love to help you find the perfect lights.

Home Theater Area

One of the main purposes of your living room is most likely as a home theater or TV-viewing area. You might catch up on your favorite shows each night, or gather as a family to watch a favorite movie, and it’s important to have the right lighting for this area. Wall sconces can give the room the feel of a theater, as well as recessed lights focused on the seating area. It’s important to have dimmer controls so you can lower the lights and reduce glare on the screen.

Sitting Areas

Your living room may be divided into multiple sitting areas, with a couch and chairs occupying the main space, and perhaps a reading nook in the corner. Your overhead light should provide enough illumination for the main area, but adding floor and table lamps will brighten those dark corners and make tasks such as reading and writing much easier.

If you’re shopping for new living room lights for your home, come to our showroom today. You can also view our online catalog to find new lighting options and get ideas for new design and installation layouts. We look forward to meeting you!