Hermitage Electric Supply Corporation (HESCO) was founded in 1944 by the late Jack Tenzel in Nashville, TN In the mid 1960s, the future President and CEO of Shoney’s came into the showroom to buy lighting fixtures for his home. Soon after, he returned and asked HESCO to provide all the lighting for Shoney’s restaurants. From this, Hermitage National Accounts, a subsidiary of HESCO, was formed. We started providing national lighting packages for local corporations in Nashville such as Captain D’s, Cracker Barrel, and Tractor Supply Corporation.

Today, we remain a family-owned business with almost 100 employees and over 100,000 sq ft of warehouse space. We are partnered with some of the largest multi-unit corporations across the country, providing lighting consultation that lowers our client’s costs and increases their revenue while helping them achieve the specific look envisioned for their brand. Our mission since day one has been to offer our clients outrageous customer service while acting with integrity, and we don’t plan on changing that!