The Holidays are just around the corner. Is your kitchen ready to host the family? Ready for a reset? Many homeowners remodel their home before the Holidays, and it is never too early to start. During the fall months, you still have time to complete many projects. A good contractor like our remodelling professionals at Hermitage Kitchen and Bath Design Gallery, will be honest with you about what they can and can’t accomplish by your deadline. When it comes to home renovations, the first place on which most people focus their attention is the kitchen. It is important to not bite off more than you can chew. In this article, we will focus on a few areas to start with, while not taking on too big of a project. We will also highlight the difference it will make on your lighting choices. Choosing to make any of these changes will begin to transform your kitchen into your dream.

In general, kitchen design is trending toward the contemporary side. Jeff Dross, Corporate Director, Education and Industry Trends for Kichler Lighting, explains that “Homeowners, with previously traditional taste, are looking for more transitional products, while transitional homeowners are moving toward a soft contemporary décor, and many of those with existing soft contemporary furnishings are switching to a more austere contemporary solution.”

Countertops Are A Great Start

While granite is still used in entryways and mid-level homes, most high-end countertops are now quartz-based, particularly with a matte finish, sometimes called suede, honed or leathered. The matte finish trend alleviates the tricky business of providing adequate illumination in kitchens without causing glare from glossy countertops that have been popular for the past decade.

Appliances Are Easy To Replace

The use of black stainless appliances are on the rise, which eliminates unsightly fingerprints, but creates the need for additional light in the surrounding space. “Black stainless has lower reflectance than white or stainless steel appliances, making the room appear darker,” says Dross. “The trend toward more involved backsplash materials makes lighting even more important.”

Higher or Vaulted Ceilings

One of the more complicated and time-consuming renovations is vaulting or increasing a ceiling’s height. It can take around one month to complete, but it is well worth it if your ceiling is low. Over the past 15 or so years, ceiling heights have become higher with 9 feet becoming the accepted minimum height. It is now common for North American homes to have ceilings 10 to 12 feet high. That means taller sconces and taller chandeliers are necessary to fill the additional space.

“In addition to taller ceilings, center islands are now substantially bigger than in the past,” says Dross. “That means the tiny, mini-pendants that were all the rage a few years ago are disappearing. Kitchens demand larger, taller pendants.”

Hermitage Lighting has an entire division dedicated to Kitchen and Bath remodelling. A professional remodelling consultant at Hermitage Lighting can work with you to develop a plan and provide the most-up-to-date remodelling in the industry. Please contact us today, and we can get started before the Holidays.