Dining Room Lighting

Your dining room can be a forgotten space in your home, only used when you have company or family over for holiday gatherings. However, if you enjoy using your dining room on a regular basis, or you’d like to update the room’s lighting so that it’s more functional and inviting, then Hermitage is here to help. With our selection of dining room lighting, including wall lights, chandeliers, and more, you can find the perfect fixtures for your home.

The Chandelier

You may have grown up going to your grandparents’ house for holiday dinners, and the one thing you remember (apart from the food), is the grand chandelier in the dining room. The dining room chandelier is the focal point of the room, and it provides both adequate illumination for the space and the central design element of the room. With the right chandelier, you can set the perfect mood for any special dinner. We can help you find the ideal fixture, as well as dimmer controls that will allow you to set the light level exactly where you need it.

Accent Lighting

If your dining room is large enough, you most likely have a china hutch or cabinet where you display all your fine dishes and delicate decor. Accent lighting such as wall sconces and track lighting can help you highlight your fine china and any artwork you have on display in the room. The style of your sconces should complement the style of your chandelier, and your track and rail lighting should draw people’s attention to the painting or photograph on the wall.

Instead of only using your dining room on special occasions, transform it into a beautiful space you’ll want to use as much as possible. By updating the lighting, you can finally have the dining room you’ve always wanted. Shop with Hermitage in Nashville today.