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  1. ..first-class place to get your lighting!

    This is a first-class place to get your lighting! My husband and I found them to be professional, helpful and accommodating. Make sure to check them out before buying online or shopping elsewhere. They have lighting in all price ranges, so I’m confident that you will find something that you are looking for.

    – Kay Nemitz

    Kay Nemitz
  2. Super nice and friendly..

    JAMIE IS AMAZING, I went in with no experience in door hardware and came out with a Masters degree, she spoke a weird door hardware language that I couldn’t understand but she was quite the translator and broke down to lemans terms. Super nice and friendly and so was everyone else. Thanks again your friend Mike!!!

    – Mike Malkiewicz

    Mike Malkiewicz
  3. Communication is why they lost a star..

    Communication is why they lost a star. I had to call constantly to get updated about my order. It was only suppose to take 2 weeks. After a month with no phone call, I called them. They told me it was back ordered and they would call me in one week. One week later no call. Called them again and they said we will call you back. No phone call. Called them again after another week they told me we don’t know when we are going to get the lights you ordered. After another month of me calling them every week they finally got them in. So my two weeks went to almost 3 months wait and calling on these lights.

    – Nick Stockam

    Nick Stockam
  4. Best lighting showroom in Tennessee

    Best lighting showroom in Tennessee.

    -B Dobson

    B Dobson
  5. exceptional quality and service..

    Hermitage Lighting Galley offers exceptional quality and service.

    -Joe Fariello

    Joe Fariello
  6. for every taste..

    Lots of stuff for all rooms for every taste.

    -Howard Falcon

    Howard Falcon
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