Everyone would love to have a bathroom that is not only comfortable but is also beautiful. That could be the reason why homeowners grab certain bathroom accessories. But of course, the function of these accessories matters first before its aesthetic impact to the entire bathroom. In designing a bathroom, the question of what one may need to buy or what one may want to buy would surely arise. You can’t just go on shopping for these items without a minute idea on what to grab. So, allow us to give you some guidance on how you can choose bathroom accessories.

47rtq4x5-240x3001. KNOW YOUR BUDGET.

It’s always import for you to know how much your budget is. This will allow you to choose the ones that would suit your bathroom and would also be within the budget allotted for it. You would not like to splurge too much if you have a certain budget. So, budget well and get bathroom accessories that are a good quality and affordable price.

Bath accessories are available for purchase at big box retailers like Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, etc. In general the products available at such stores are sold by price point. Folks are looking for something cheap and they get it. Lower quality bath accessories have a very short warranty – often a year or less. A bathroom remodel typically lasts for 10 years or more. The bath accessory hardware needs to last that long as well, because if they wear out and need to be replaced, the replacement product may not exactly fit the mounting plates, the current spacing, etc. (in addition to the cost of replacement).

full-bathroom-300x1612. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT

Before you start shopping, make sure that you already know what you really need. Look at your bathroom and check what needs to be placed there. Also, you need to consider your usage being the homeowner. Only buy accessories that are important. Lower quality bath accessories often have set screws that fail to hold the towel bar etc. firmly to the wall. A loose towel bar, towel ring, robe hook, toilet tissue holder, etc. is irritating, will get worse over time, and eventually won’t secure the hardware to the wall.

260-ebz-300x264Schaub French Farm, Round Knob, 1-5/16″ diameter, Empire Bronze finish.


Designers classify bathroom cabinet hardware into three broad categories.

Traditional is often known as “Old World” these are classic designs, often inspired by historical architectural and design features.

contemporary_135-n-300x295Schaub Britannium, square knob, 1-3/8″ diameter in a natural finish.

Contemporary designs feature sleek lines, sharp angles, minimalist features, and modern finishes such as brushed satin nickel and polished chrome. The look in the Bath is modern, sleek, and elegant.

250-abz-300x278Schaub Siena, Round Knob, 1-3/8, Ancient Bronze finish.

Transitional knobs pulls are a blend of Traditional & Contemporary styles. These can be Traditional designs with Contemporary finishes, or a Contemporary design with Traditional finishes. The look can be striking.


After making that decision, you’ll need to choose a Collection. This can include, towel bars, drawer pulls, towel rings, you’ll want to be consistent in your room.

martello-collection-300x229Schaub transitional Martello Collection.


Every collection has multiple finishes for the bath accessories that match the knobs on the vanity, a finish that blends with the paint on the wall or the floor of the bath, or blending with another design element of the bathroom.

schaub-multi-finish-296x300Schaub Armadio Collection


Once you’ve selected a collection and a finish, it’s time to select the products you will purchase. If you have wall space to install towel bars, then do so – they give significant room for towels to dry. You have the option of 18”, 24” or 30” towel bars. You have the option of single towel bars, or of double towel bars with twice the hanging space. If the mounting space is available, a 30” double towel bar provides enough room to fully open and hang two towels to dry. If wall space is at a premium, consider towel rings and towel hooks, often in combination. Each Top Knobs bath accessory collection has a number of options for towel rings and hooks. Toilet tissue holders come in compression fit, pivoting, post, and slide-on. Each collection has two options to choose from.

traditional_combo_set-300x198Top Knob Edwardian Collection ED5PCF, ED2PCF, and ED6PCF.


To make the selection process easier, ask your dealer showrooms if there is a display board of the collection you can take home. The display board makes it easy to view at a glance all the products and finish options in a collection.

Our showroom design staff at Hermitage Lighting Gallery can take an accessory off the display board for you to hold and feel. Nothing beats holding the actual product in your hand. Want to take a sample home? Ask them to loan you a sample off their display board if you leave a deposit and promise to return the samples in a few days.

Remember, you want your room to be just the way you like it, so choose carefully. Take your time deciding what’s right for that room. Ask for help from the professionals at Hermitage Lighting Gallery.